Soul-Based Solutions Understands the Passion of Wellness Professional's Practices!

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Did you know that the root chakra creates and represents the foundation for your practice, being in balance, security, protection, legal, money and finance which also includes bookkeeping and taxes?  These aspects need to be in order and grounded in order to have a profitable and growing wellness practice.  For that to happen,  wellness professionals need to making sure that the foundation, the root chakra of their practice is supported.  We at Soul-Based Solutions understand that your focus should be providing wellness and holistic services to your clients therefore we take a MIND, BODY and SOUL approach to take the stress out of bookkeeping, save on taxes and cash flow management.

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~ The Soul-Based Solution's Approach in Supporting Your Wellness Practice ~


Tax Planning and Preparation

Tax season can be very frustrating for the wellness professional. Lessen your frustration for your practice and personal with Soul-Based Solutions!



Bookkeeping Services

Soul-Based Solutions help wellness professionals operate and grow into a profitable practice while having having more control over their books and understand their financial position.


Assisting Wellness Professional's Businesses to Become Financially Healthy.