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Are you...

  • Having a hard time keeping your business and personal finances separate?
  • Spending too many late nights working the books for your company after working all day long?
  • Getting more and more frustrated with QuickBooks because it’s a little over your head AND you are weeks or months behind in entering your business financial information?
  • Thinking it is too expensive and time consuming to hire an employee to do the bookkeeping for your business?
  • Still handing over an unorganized and discombobulated box of receipts to your CPA or tax preparer?
  • Starting to believe that outsourcing your bookkeeping sounds like a great solution?

If you said YES! to any of the question above, let Soul-Based Solutions help you to operate and grow your business into a profitable enterprise and for you to have more control over your books.

Soul-Based Solutions offers an array of services to help support your or in the cloud.  Online accounting is software and data housed securely in data centers and accessed securely using the Internet.  The great think about working your business in the cloud or online/virtually is that it can increase efficiency by offering the opportunity to managing and maintaining your financial records easily and in real time. QuickBooks uses the same security measures just as your banking institutions and the IRS and as a business owner, you can assess to your business information from any device, computer or mobile. 

As a small business owner you have more important things to do than to keep your own books. We take care of your books for you, so you can get back to the job of running your business and generating profits! Soul-Based Solutions offers an array of services to help support your business. Whether you need just basic bookkeeping, more complex bookkeeping, training or a little help with Quickbooks, we are always here to help and support you!

Listed below is more information of some of our services ...

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Input of all transactions from bank and credit card statements
Reconcile bank and credit card accounts
Balance Sheet – Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Equity through QuickBooks
Income/Operating/Profit & Loss Statement through QuickBooks
Accounts Payable Management (no payments)
Accounts Receivable Management (invoicing/billing is additional pricing)
Payroll Review for filing 941's, SUI
Sales and Local Tax
Any additional financial reports based on package from QuickBooks
Assign Items to Appropriate Accounts
Clean up your general ledger
Year End 1099's
Bookkeeping Support