Specializing in Helping Small Businesses to Legally Lower Their Taxes, Increase Their Profits and Manage Their Cash Flow!


Soul-Based Solutions (a non-CPA firm) assists small business and professionals to maintain, have a better understanding and control over their books to grow their business.


Regardless of the size of your business, bookkeeping is something you need to stay on top of to know the financial position of your business.  Whether if you're a small business or self-employed, it's necessary to keep track of the financial side of things.  It's the best way to ensure that your business grows and remains profitable.

If you are ready to outsource the bookkeeping of your business and/or you need assistance in getting your books back in order, we can help!

Soul-Based Solutions understand that your focus should be providing services to your clients therefore we take a MIND, BODY and SOUL approach to take the stress out of bookkeeping, save on taxes and cash flow management.

~ The Soul-Based Solution's Approach in Supporting Your Business ~


In your business you are the brains of your business.  You dreamed about it, planned it out and created goals for your business.  You are always thinking about your brand, what needs to be improved and how you can take your business to the next level.  A relationship with Soul-Based Solutions to handle your bookkeeping and tax needs will help you to stay in your creative mode to build and grow your business with peace of mind.


Being the muscle and the engine that runs your business, your time is spent running your business, from creating your product or services, marketing, meeting clients, sales, logistics and bookkeeping. You are in the process of growing your business! Partnering with Soul-Based Solutions to handle your bookkeeping and tax needs will free your time to focus on running, managing and growing your business.


The inspiration, energy, essence and soul of your business is you.  Without your personality, your core values, business & personal and experiences, your sweat, blood and tears, your business would not be unique entity that is meant to touch lives and change the world, one person or one company at a time.  Soul-Based Solutions understands by helping business owner to focus on their passion while we focus on their financials and taxes.


Bookkeeping Services

Soul-Based Solutions helps businesses to operate and grow into a profitable enterprise while having having more control over your books.


Tax Planning and Preparation

Tax season can be very frustrating for entrepreneurs and small businesses.Lessen your frustration for your business and personal with Soul-Based Solutions!



Assisting Businesses to Become Financially Healthy.